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We have all heard of or watched commercials on TV that talk of the latest miracle pill to help you reduce or lose weight and go from flabby to a toned muscular body. Most of these ads have a couple of things in common that they donít tell you or want you to know. For instance some of the people pictured in the ads are paid models that actually got paid to get over weight and bloated. They do this because it will be make for better claims about the products. For example if a 165LBS man gains 25 pounds of weight, he has 25 pounds to lose by eating healthy and using the miracle product.

Majority of fitness models in these ads havenít eaten the day of the advertisement and are depleted of water to ensure they have a more chiseled vascular look to their bodies. Vascular means that the veins are more visible because the tissue that surrounds them has shrunken.

This way the company promoting the product isnít lying when they say that the model lost 25lbs of weight. If you look at most before and after photos you can see the definition is still partially visible so when the model goes on a crash diet and uses the product they are able to return to the figure they had relatively easy.
This is not true for the average user eating a sensible diet and following a fitness program. You will still lose weight at a faster rate but you wonít generally see the results that are claimed on the label and in the advertisements.

Ephedrine (MaHuang Extract) based fat burners will raise your metabolic levels by about 2 Ė 3 percent, not much but it will help you lose the weight faster than if you tried with out. These products do work but for the average person they will not see the drastic weight loss and changes to their bodies that are seen in commercials and print advertising. So lets see what the active ingredients are in a over the counter fat burning product.

Since the banning of ephedrine in the US the fitness industry has worked tirelessly to create a fat burning product that doesnít use ephedrine but produces the same results. Currently there are few that actually work remotely close to what the package and manufacture claims. Some of the top products out there are Lipovarin, HotRox, and Thermalean-RX. In Canada the products arenít made with ephedrine but you are able to buy ephedrine tablets in most fitness stores.

There are many products out on the market now that make the claim to be the best fat burner out, or that have the latest ingredient to help you shed the pounds. In reality most contain a very similar formula. You can even make your own but we will get to that in a moment. There are a few fat burning products on the market:

Ephedrine FREE:
Lipovarin, Thermalean-RX, Lipoxinol, Hot Rox, Lipo 6, Lean System 7, Zntrex-3, Hydroxucut, TrimSpa, Ripped Fuel, Fahrenheit, Xenadrine EFX, and Stacker 2 are just a few.

Generic or home made fat burning stack that personally I have found to be just as effective as using one of the fat burning stacks below is called an ECA stack. Your ability to do this depends on if fitness stores in your area sell Ephedrine Hydrochloride (ephedrine). Caffeine pills can be bought in the form of Wakeups, and aspirin is a very low dose aspirin 50mg per day. Please consult your doctor before trying to create a ECA stack for your self. (In Canada this stack is possible because of the availability of ephedrine.)

It has been shown that taking an ECA stack can help to increase fat loss by stimulating your body\'s metabolism. An ECA stack is thought to have anti-catabolic properties, this means that you lose less muscle while dieting and more fat. When I have created my own ECA stacks to take I usually take the doses as follows:

** Ephedrine at a max of 48mg a day period. Should start at 8mg, then 16, mg then 24mg per dose totaling no more than 48mg in a day.

** Caffeine should be max of 400mg per day. I start at the full dose of 200mg per dose maxing at 400mg.

** Aspirin is optional but take no more than 50mg per day.

I always take Ephedrine in the dosages listed above because it gives me time to notice how it affects my body. You can throw in 200mcg per dose of Chromium. I take the dose 2-3 times per day, the reason I say 2 - 3 times per day is that I won\'t take the last dose if it is with in 3 hours of going to bed as it can make it hard to fall asleep.
The negative side effects of taking any sort of Stimulant that uses Ephedrine and Caffeine can be:

- Feel agitated, anxious, and restless
- Get blurry vision sometimes (as reported by some users)
- Stomach aches, nausea, and headaches
- Increased heart rate (some cases, irregular heartbeat)
- Can disrupt sleep patterns, especially if taken lat at night
- Can cause tremors and shakes

You can buy diet pills beside Ephedrine if you want to but remember that not all of those pills are safe and clinically proven. There are weight loss pills which can help you to burn calories and work as appetite suppressant but most drugs are simply useless. Be careful. That's why we provide you many articles about drugs, to help you make a wise decision.
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