What is Protein, Carbs and Fat?

Our bodies are made up of essential elements that help keep us functioning throughout our lives. In terms of living a healthy and stress –free life it is important to understand the major players that help us reach our life goals. These namely are protein, carbohydrates and fat. These three organic elements of nutrition are the key to many bodily functions and they are also the key to our weight problems. In understanding them, we are better able to control our intake and thereby sustain a much healthier and nutrition filled lifestyle.

What is?
Protein: The essential molecules that make up protein are amino acids. Protein is also a major part of our bodies as the body needs it to function. Muscles, skin, hair, bones, cartilage are also the other aspects that are composed of and require protein to function.

Role of protein:
It helps regulate your metabolism
Carries vital substances like oxygen to the blood
Regulates blood sugar and helps prevent blood clotting.
Helps mend cells

Carbohydrates: These are mainly seen as an organic group or family which has the following family member, starch, sugar, cellose and gum. These also serve as a major energy source.

Role of Carbohydrates:
Provide energy for the brain, body and the nervous system. This is their main function as glucose is the only source of fuel for the brain.

Fat: Occurring in tissue it is a greasy substance. This is a tissue that protects all vital organs.

Role of Fat:
Fat is essential in the body as it helps protect our organs
It also helps insulate us and keep us warm
Acts as fuel for energy

Recommended Daily Allowance
This is very important in understanding how much of each of these organic compounds need to be eaten as so give the body what it needs without bombarding it and thereby.
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